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Idle Muse Presents Girl Found at The Edge Theater

January 01, 2020

Clara joined Idle Muse for Girl Found, written by Barbara Lhota. It is being presented by Idle Muse Theatre Company at The Edge Theater Directed by Alison Dornheggen.

Chicago theatre company Idle Muse presented the breathtaking world premiere of Barbara Lhota's gripping drama Girl Found at The Edge Theatre. Inspired by true events, the mystery thriller is not only a harrowing character study of damage and survival in the present day, but tackles identity and the notion of truth. Balancing the realities of a cruel world with moments of hope and redemption, Girl Found and its fierce female characters present a complex portrait of a modern family struggling in the wake of personal trauma.

Four years since she mysteriously vanished, a 17-year-old girl resurfaces without a single memory of where she's been. She is soon able to remember her name Sophie Sobin, and is returned to her aunt Ellie and mother Eva much to their relief. Yet her joyful homecoming is overshadowed by the fractures that her disappearance has caused, and her memory loss threatens to push the family even further past breaking point.

Witch Trials at the Athena Festival by Idle Muse

January 01, 2020

Clara was in a staged reading of Witch Trials at the Athena Festival. Written by Josefina Valenzuela Cerda,  Directed by Beth Wolf. 

Moon Rabbit at the Danztheatre Playwright Festival

October 20, 2019

Clara was featured in a short play written by Ricardo Diaz and directed by Emily Ember.

Ubu II: Electric Boog-Ubu, or Free Ubu

January 01, 2020

Clara joined The Plagiarists for their production of their new adaptation,  Ubu II: Electric Boog-Ubu, or Free Ubu at the Berger Park Coach House, directed by Nick Freed and Written by Gregory Peters.

Electric Boog-Ubu, or Free Ubu
Adapted from Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Enchaîné
Directed by Nick Freed*



This even nastier and dumber sequel to our nasty and dumb adaptation of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi sees the horrible Ubus visit a place even more depraved and corrupt than the 19th-century Poland they were chased out of in the first play: America. There, trapped in a sequel they never asked for (and are actively trying to destroy), they’ll discover freedom is slavery, knowledge is dumb, and doom looms large on the horizon. Featuring a farting corpse, unnecessary blasphemy, relentless stupidity, and bad jokes, Ubu II (based on Jarry’s Ubu Enchaîné, the third play in the series, just to make things more confusing) is the perfect play to warm your hands by as the world burns. 


Latter-day Lucy at Going Dutch Festival

January 01, 2020

 Clara will be performing in a short play called Latter-Day Lucy by Libby Conkle Directed by Genevieve Locksley. It is an exploration of female relationships in modern and prehistoric times, at the Going Dutch Festival, a celebration of the female voice in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, on Friday June 16th at 7PM at The Professional Building in Elgin. 

MYNX & SAVAGE Reading at American Blues Theater's Blue Ink Playwriting Festival

January 01, 2020

Clara was a part of a reading of MYNX & SAVAGE as a part of American Blues Theater's Blue Ink Playwriting Festival, it's Free!. Written by Rebecca Gorman O’Neill directed by Elyse Dolan


MYNX & SAVAGE is a tri-level story of a comic book writer, the characters of his superhero story, and the creatures of his “serious” work. When corporate powers start pushing him to produce, he is torn between the comfort of fantasy and the necessary truth.

Alegrias Y Lagrimas

January 01, 2020

Clara plays as part of an ensemble in the Gorilla Tango Original Alegrías Y Lágrimas

Directed by Elyse Dolan

Written by Judy Veramendi 
Music by Gerald H Bailey 
Lyrics by Ruth Freer 

Alegrías Y Lágrimas (Happiness and Tears) is based on real life stories of immigrants and refugees. The stories are intertwined with dances and music from countries such as Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, and Honduras, as well as original composed music.

January 24, 2017

Clara performed in The Factory Theater's production of Born Ready as Harriet Houlihan

Marion Kroft, an aging former child film actor turned variety show star in the 1950s, is desperate to get back into the public’s eye and show business. Harriet is a new young dancer who befriends Marion and the pair quickly becomes a smash comedy duo, but the truth behind their scenes may not be as funny. 

Born Ready
By Stacie Barra
Directed by Wm. Bullion

Stage Combat for The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan

December 03, 2016

This Fall Clara returned to Whitney M. Young Magnet High School to fight direct their production of the Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan.

La Nazuna Florece - The Nazuna Blooms

October 31, 2016

This Halloween filming for wrapped La Nazuna Florece, a short film written and directed by Mauricio Medina Elizondo, which Clara costarred in with Carlos Prias. The dialogue is in Spanish. Here is the synopsis.

La Nazuna Florece cuenta una pequeña instancia en la vida de Nazuna, una mujer-flor que al haber sido arrancada de su entorno natural, sufre las consecuencias de la modernidad y urbanización a causa de un amor imposible.

The Nazuna Blooms tells a short instance in the life of Nazuna, a woman-flower, who after having been ripped off her natural environment, suffers the consequences of modernity and urbanization, due to an impossible love.

The Princess, the Minstrel, and the Rabid Bat 2016

August 16, 2016

Clara was the female swing for Rabid Bat Theatrical's production of The Princess, The Minstrel, and The Rabid Bat

Sherlock Holmes & The Mystery Of Portage Park

May 21, 2016

Clara joined Filament Theatre in their ensemble for Sherlock Holmes & The Mystery of Portage Park.

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